When you were at that New Year’s Eve party or just watching the ball drop from the couch in your home, did you decide that 2017 was the year you would participate in a Triathlon? So now you are probably thinking, what to do next. Before you purchase the wetsuit, get the bike or even a tri kit, consider hiring a coach.

A USA Triathlon certified coach can help you in many ways than just providing you a training plan of workouts to get you ready for a Sprint, Olympic, or Long Distance Tri. The coach can help you learn about the sport, the Rules of Completion, even the Triathlete lexicon (such as Brick, T1, T2, and Draft Legal). The certified USAT Coach can help you with equipment selection, and on which event to be your first.

When it comes to the training, the certified coach can help you understand why you need to do certain workouts, how to prepare for a beachfront start and even practicing your T1 and T2 transitions. The coach can help you develop your weakest discipline so it is less of a “Achilles heel” for you. The certified coach can also help keep you motivate when a workout has not gone as well as you would have liked.

There are many resources for finding more information about the sport and finding a certified coach. Check out www.USATriathlon.org and www.TrainingPeaks.com

For information on how I can help you, contact me at info@TriatlonCoachCT.com