With temperatures in the 70’s in Connecticut one day then snow the next, that internet meme is making the rounds again. You know the one that starts “There is no way to fit all the seasons into one week” and ends with “New England – hold my beer.”

In the world of Triathlon, it’s the season that we are told its time to think about hiring a coach. All the magazines and websites, even Twitter accounts for organizations that offer triathlon coaching services are posting about the question “Should You Hire a Coach”. While most are focused on hiring a single coach, there is always the option to hire a coach for each discipline or just for your weakest discipline. Here are some items to keep in mind as you consider hiring a coach.

1. The Coach-Athlete relationship is like any other relationship…what works for one may not be right for another. So, just because your training partner has hired a coach does not mean having a coach will be right for you.
2. Be sure you know why you want/need a coach. The answer to that question will help you determine the questions to aske of your prospective coach. Some want a coach for that “accountability” that they are working the plan. Some have tried on their own to achieve a specific goal unsuccessfully and want more skilled guidance.
3. Do you need a single coach or one coach for each discipline. While the single coach may not have all the same skills and knowledge as a discipline-specific coach, having one manage your training is easier than trying to coordinate the workouts of 3 different coaches.
4. Make sure your coach understands your expectations and you understand those of your coach. Without that, one, or the other, or possibly both of you will be dissatisfied and the relationship will fail.
5. Hire a certified coach. Just because someone can run, ride, or swim fast does not mean they know how to develop those abilities in someone else. Certified coaches are required to re-certify to maintain that credential which keeps them current with the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals. The certifications I know of for Triathlon are USA Triathlon and Training Peaks.
6. Is the coach focused on your success or the coach’s visibility and recognition as a coach? When the coach is more interested in being seen as the coach, vs making sure you are successful, you might have wrong coach.
If you have questions about hiring a Triathlon coach or wish to discuss hiring me as your coach, contact me at Info@TriathlonCoachCT.com or 860 202 5229.